Photo Galleries

All photos in this section photographed by B.Muralidharan. Gears used Nikon d70, D80 and D7000

This section has over 180 photo albums since the year 2000. Most albums require a registered User ID and these are privacy reasons in having the photos on the cloud. Few of the albums are "Shared albums" and these are marked clearly, and does not require any registration. All albums have a comment box to update blogs.

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Art Work

Art work by Amma, Murali, Balashunmugam and Fashion dresses by Raji

This is a section that we expect to grow over the years. It currently has art work from Amma varying from small crafts, models with mSeal and painiting using cofeed powder to pro quality Tanjore paintings. Also in this section is drawings from Murali and Balashunmugham with both having an affinity of black & white drawings. Last section to be updated yet is the fashion dresses from Rajis' stitching.

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Tastes even better than it looks

Its not unsurprising that Bharathi studying Food science management can also make cakes. However surprising is that the cakes are too good and have won some small prizes in college competitions. This section that we expect to grow will have photos and recipes of different type of cakes.

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Travel Blogs, Movie and Restaurant reviews

This section is an attempt by us to try our hands on blogs and reviews. Whilst work still in progress on most of the sub sections, the review on Movies is active including options to download songs for select movies. We intend to include Zomato type restaurant reviews and ratings and also have travel blogs to be included here. These are yet to be done.

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